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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:16 am
by jfenoffti
Per our usual morning routine, the alarm sounds and the cuddling begins. You know, the spooning up close and tight. Just holding her in my arms, around her upper body and arms, fingers intertwining. Planting soft kisses on her neck. Nibbling her ear lobe. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Good!

KH is in the bathroom, wearing slacks and a bra, doing her makeup and hair, preparing to go to work. I come in naked, from the kitchen, and stand just behind and off to one side of her. She looks in the mirror at my caged cock and says “How’s your cock?”

“It’s fine.”

Still looking at the reflection, “Strange, very strange.”

“Well, thank you for supporting me.”

“It’s what I do.”

However, we still have coffee and juice together in the kitchen. CFNM style. And she’s happy being kissed goodbye at the door by a naked, caged man.

Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:57 am
by jfenoffti
It was an earlier start to the day than usual. But half an hour before the alarm went off, I was awakened by some serious ball burn and stretching. This has happened every night except one since I put the Jailbird on. Often, I’ve had two nocturnal erections in one night. Each time, the cage contains the erection, but the cage is still pushed away from my body, restrained only by my testicles. :cry:

So, I get up, void, and return to bed, getting a little closer to my sleeping KH. Since we normally go to sleep with me touching her hip or thigh, it was easy to put my hand on the inside of her thigh as she slept, without waking her. In fact, she moved her legs as she slept to better allow me to move my hand up as far as I could. KH continued to sleep and I moved in and out of a light twilight sleep until the alarm jolted us awake. I have always hated alarm clocks. :evil: We then held each other for a few minutes and got up and at ‘em.

The morning CFNM routine continues. : ) Just before KH was to leave, she stood on a step and I stood on the step below for a clutch and kiss. (I am taller than KH, and this makes it much easier!) She’s wearing business clothes and I’m wearing my cage and a smile. I see her to the door, we kiss and both say “I love you” again.

We’ll be traveling next week. Thinking of this, as she saw it the first time, KH asked if I was going to wear my Jailbird through the airport. “Definitely not”.

KH replied “We’ll pack it in the checked baggage and you can put it back on when we get there.” :shock:

Another positive sign that KH remains in the game. : ) :D

Since that time, I’ve arranged to send it to MM for a re-gapping during our travels. Won’t have to worry about security and it’ll be finished about the same time we return. So the rest of my Lenten denial will be more comfortable. I started this lock up period before Lent and then KH decided a Lenten denial was appropriate. For those of you keeping score, I’m at 1 month and 2 days now. Only another month and 2 days to Easter. Then there is that additional denial period KH came up with – release when I earn enough to replace her salary.

Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 3:50 pm
by jfenoffti
So I’m out in the field and have a B2B meeting with a lady colleague. She’s wearing a necklace with two keys and a heart shaped lock pendant. The keys are jewelry keys, not really-actually-open-a-lock keys. So after a few minutes I say “That’s a very nice necklace you’re wearing.”

“Thank you.”

Ok, I’m going to go one step farther but not cross the line. “My wife wears a necklace with a key on it too.” Nothing more is said. Nothing more to be gleaned from behavior, body language, demeanor, nothing.

It must just be a nice, trendy necklace.

Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:08 pm
by jfenoffti
Sunday 4th

Church on Sat evening so we could sleep-in Sunday.

Again, as in previous nights, two amazing tests of the hydraulic limits of my cage. It hurt so good. Then this morning, cuddling, petting, and a slow increasing of the cage's internal hydraulic pressure as evidenced by dripping, and KH starts talking about my mother. :evil: BUZZKILL! I stop petting and lie motionless until KH stops.

We resume, KH ends up sitting on the edge of the bed and I’m on my back, head hanging slightly over the edge of the bed next to her. KH pets me and at my suggestion, starts dragging her finger nails over me and then pinching my nipples. :D I am shuddering and writhing. KH stands facing me on the bed, my head against her thighs. I arch my head back and get one lick in :D and KH backs away and says “NO! I didn’t say you could!” And walked away, leaving me wide eyed, dripping and straining in my Jailbird. At least she didn’t say there’d be another penalty.

Then, a few minutes late, we’re both in the bathroom, she looks in the mirror at my caged cock and says “When I look at that cage, I can’t help but think of those movies, like The Mask, where they put someone in a cage or mask or something like that.” This is not a good thing.

Ok, on-again-off-again.

Moral of the story: It (acceptance of playing the game or living the lifestyle) ebbs and flows. Sometimes the change is quick – like this morning. Sometimes not so much. But KH is still supportive. She just wants me to listen to her. Not judge what she says or "fix" or change anything. So, we're good.

Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:51 am
by jfenoffti
Mar 13 Tuesday
KH and I were on a personal business trip. Because we were flying we chose for me not to wear the Jailbird. No need for extra challenges, drama or embarrassment. Because the JB needed a slight re-gapping, I took advantage of the “no wear” period to send it to MM for a tune up and re-gapping.

During the trip and now afterwards, I am still on the honor system. Sunday morning KH and I are cuddling, spooning, and the atmosphere is beginning to get hotter. Much hotter. KH looks up at me and asks “Are we going to break your fast?” (I am chaste for Lent.)


“But what if I want you?”

“You can still have me. My tongue and my cock. I just can’t orgasm.”

“Well, ok….”

At some point soon after this KH says “You can’t penetrate me yet, I’m not wet enough.” Which in our lives has become code for “I’m not wet enough; you need to go down on me and bring me to orgasm with your tongue on my clit; then I’ll be wet enough.”

The eyes-rolling-back-into-her-head orgasm didn’t take too long to start and lasted a respectable length of time. Now, we are ready for some PIV loving.

Two factors come into play here, age and interval between PIV sex. “Go slow… I’m not dilated enough to take you yet… Oo-kay, ... OOOOOooohhh – aahhh that’s better!”

Yes, you guessed it. Orgasm number two for KH. :D Followed by a short refractory period. The chaste one is still ready to go. Penetration again with an increasing tempo. Like I mean it! KH is watching me, pinching my nipples (which has an exponential multiplying effect on my level of arousal and desire) and I’m getting close, closer and with a herculean effort I withdraw and rest my cock on KH’s flushed labia and clit.

“I don’t believe you can do that!” (Meaning stopping when so close to cumming.)

“It’s tough.”

This demonstration of love for KH results in more kissing followed by “Turn over on your belly.”
KH does as directed and I proceed to edge myself by sliding my cock up and down between her ass cheeks. Occasionally I’d drop down a little “You’re about to penetrate- don’t go there.” The sliding up and down resumed and KH gets in on the action by clenching my cock between her cheeks and releasing and clenching, and… again and again. It was wonderful. On a number of levels.

KH getting into and supporting the chastity with teasing; by not feeling guilty that I’m not cumming too; and just the incredible hot sex.

Mmm Mmmm Mmmm Good!

Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:06 pm
by jfenoffti
The re-gapped MMJB should arrive this week. In the mean time, I'm unlocked.

Yesterday, after a morning of cuddling and petting, KH wore her lock and key earrings out and about as we went about our Sunday afternoon activities. Just a subtle reminder to me that she's thinking about chastity. (Which logically followed the denial in the morning.)

Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!