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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Postby jfenoffti » Sun May 07, 2017 9:21 am


I last reported that the CFNM morning routine would probably recommence on Thursday, the day after PIVOrgasm and re-locking in the DC.

Due to a change in KH's work schedule, the 'normal', caged, CNFM morning activities resumed Friday morning. All is well. KH is responding to Chastity better and more openly this time around. She actually seems to enjoy it. At least she was smiling both Friday and Saturday mornings as she frequently looked at my caged cock! This is, itself, unusual. In the past, KH has not looked at the cage often, if at all – she didn't like it. Thought it looked less than sexy, barbaric even.

Both Thursday and Friday nights I made it into bed before my lovely KH, consequently, she did not she see me in the DC. I must admit, this was by design on my part. The whole 'I don't want to force it on her' thing. If anything is 'in your face' she does not care for it. It has been months since I last wore a cage. As you may remember, my 'go-to' cage at the time was the HTv2s. It broke. Even after I repaired it, it failed again.

I really missed wearing a device and self locked on Thursday after we remembered on Wednesday why we married in the first place.

Both Friday and Saturday mornings, I awoke with glorious erection efforts, completely contained in my DC tube. I really love the feeling compared to my HTv2s. Despite the solid tube of my Bon4, the DC feels better. The DC's tube extends back inside, through the ring and that is the difference! Anyway, it felt wonderful. And my 'hack' with the wire tie has prevented any pesky teste slippage. I did go to hack v1.1 – by unlocking the lock and relocking it outside the wire tie. (Yes, I admit, I snuck the key from her purse place while she was asleep - the other key's whereabouts is completely unknown to me) v1.0 had the wire tie going through the lock shackles. That was too tight and I was developing a fair amount of edema in my scrotum. It looked like I had injected about 20 cl or 6 oz of saline into my scrotum. (Just estimating – it's a practice that intrigues me but have not done.) By taking the tie out of the lock, it effectively loosened the tie just enough to reduce the edema and still prevent testicular slippage.

KH had a long work week last week including a 16 hour day on Friday so she wanted to sleep in Saturday morning. After two (5:30 and 9:30) caged erections, I finally bailed out of bed at noon, leaving my KH soundly sleeping for another hour.

During the next hour, I thawed and cooked the bacon, beat the eggs, prepared toast, poured juice and coffee. When breakfast was almost ready, I went into the bedroom and gently woke my woke KH by gently kissing her bare, left breast. Then her lips, her right breast, neck and lips again. KH rolled over, away from me, onto her side so I could climb in behind her. We spooned, and I wrapped my arms around her, my caged erection between her sweet cheeks, brought my legs up behind and against hers, my insteps up against her soles, maximizing the skin-on-skin contact. After a few minutes of cuddling, I reminded her that I had brought her coffee into her and was going to finish cooking the eggs, and returned to the kitchen. We got up and out of bed, stood facing each other, kissing and hugging.

I was still hugging her when she said "You're dripping on my feet." I put a little daylight between us, looked down at her feet, and sure enough a couple of her toes were glistening in the light, covered with pre-cum. I SO wanted to say "Let me clean that up for you. (Then you can spank me)" Oh, I just wanted to get down and start licking. However, keeping with the not "in your face", overt, 'you are going to do everything I want to do' mode, I said "Oh, oops! Sorry. (Now will you spank me?)" and let her go to the bathroom to clean up while I returned to the kitchen to finish preparing her breakfast - dripping on the kitchen floor as I thought about her.

KH comes out from the bedroom wearing a bright red (CFM) spaghetti strap knit top (so I can see her erect nipples) and shorts, while her caged husband is still naked in the kitchen. Now, we're back to the 'normal' CFNM morning routine!

After I've served her and sit down with her, she holds my hand and says “This moment, right now, we're living the dream. I don't want it to end. I want it to be like this always.”

Big smile. Very big smile.

The CFNM scenario was just the icing on the cake. She enjoys seeing me naked, caged, just for her. We are very happy together, are generally very healthy, have the bills paid (at least until next month), and are having fun!

KH later said “Thanks for making me feel special.”

There it is gentlemen, the secret. Make her feel special.

My investment of time and energy, making my sexy, loving wife feel special, is paying big dividends. Not only is she playing (the 'game', my game) with me, but she's enjoying it now too.

“Play” is very important in a relationship. Like all things, it must be in balance. But, it's important. KH even has a book about the importance of “play” in a marriage. I've attempted to capitalize on that. Further reinforces that old adage “If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy” or, more succinctly, “Happy wife, happy life”.

When I stood at the door naked, seeing her off to work today (yes, she has to work on a Sunday – medical profession, you know), she felt special and was having fun looking at her naked, caged (just for her) husband. She was happy and my life is Mmm, Mmm, Mmm Good!
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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Postby jfenoffti » Mon May 08, 2017 10:41 am

So, there I was, working on a project in the garage, naked, (no one else is home) when KH came home from work yesterday. She got all pissy because she thought I was opening the garage door to come out and help her carry things into the house. "You are such an exhibitionist!" (This has not been a secret, ever.) KH does not care for overt displays of immodesty.

I didn't realize she had things to be carried in. So I dutifully quickly put on shorts and a tshirt and went back to help her. KH tells me she has everything inside (one armload) and that she didn't realize I was working in the garage and just opened the door for her to come in. "So you can take your clothes off now and go back out into the garage." :o

Monday morning, KH has coffee in hand, looks at her caged cock and gives me a CFNM goodbye kiss at the front door. "I love you." "I love you too!"

Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!
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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Postby jfenoffti » Tue May 09, 2017 10:55 am

The one thing you can count on is 'change'. We had an appointment here at the homestead so there was no CFNM routine today. There was 20 minutes of spooning and cuddling before we rolled out of bed though. You know, the kind of maximize skin contact from head to toes. Which of course, includes a caged cock package just behind and against her sweetcheeks. Only a very minor amount of dripping today.

However, in the bathroom, while I'm shaving, I notice KH looking at my cage a few times and she says "I'm glad that rocks your rocket, but I don't think it's sexy. An erect penis is sexy whether you are standing or lying down, but that's... "

"Well thank you for supporting me." "You're welcome."

Hmm. Just depends on what state of mind she's in - relaxed or pre-occupied with a very busy day and no time to play.

It's still all Mmm Mmm Good!
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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Postby jfenoffti » Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:00 pm

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends
We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside (credits to ELP)

Let's see...
Since last fall we've not "played the game" or "lived the lifestyle" very much due to travel for work, funerals, house guests, etc. Life just gets in the way sometimes! The parade of house guests for the past six months has ended (knock on wood). I'm back home from traveling (again) for the past 4 weeks. So the KH and I are able to relax a little and enjoy ourselves.

I returned early Friday evening. It had been a long, hard work week for my hot and sexy KH/wife. Work drama. She was not in a great state of mind. And one of our adult chillin's and her significant other were due in for the weekend later Friday night.

The kids arrive separately, we all socialize for a bit and they trundle off to bed. KH and I attack the fruit of the vine with great fervor and we stagger down the hall to our chambers. I can't help but notice and stare at, my KH's new earrings. They are faus jewel encrusted little padlocks with a fancy key! :o It's as good as her wearing the actual key on her necklace. Deep sigh.

Next morning, despite the hangovers, I attempt to remember why we get married in the first place! Well, KH was very into the spooning, and cuddling and petting and rubbing and massaging she was receiving but when I advanced, attempting to penetrate the Opposing Force's territory, I was told "You're not unlocked yet!" :o :?

Now this last comment was metaphorical, and totally out of the blue because I haven't been wearing a device since May. (Best fitting cage broken, life, etc.) We haven't even talked about chastity for quite some time. Guess that's a contender for submission to "Hot things your KeyHolder has said!"

We promptly got out of bed, I made the bed while KH/mama bear went to the kitchen to start getting breakfast ready for her cubs. Well, since she brought it up and she is wearing those earrings... I got my favorite cage (DC Duo) and put it on. The lock has remained unlocked since I took it off in May. The ring/cuff is just a little too large and I put a cable tie around the cuff to cinch it up just a mm or two. If I don't, a pesky teste slips up and out. After fitting the device, I cinched up the cable tie another notch. There, that should do it! I don't want to have to ask her for the key to R&R the device.

Consequently, all day Saturday I wear the cage and really enjoy being locked up again. And looking at the new padlock/key earrings. It's not until we're sitting on the couch watching a gearhead show for me and chickflick for her when she puts her hand on my crotch and says "Oh, you put your thing on."

"Yes, I put it on this morning."

We go to bed, cuddle a little and go to sleep. Sunday morning rolls around and spoon and cuddle and one thing leads to another, KH comes back from the bathroom, approaches my side of the bed, leans over, kisses me passionately and proceeds to start biting my right nipple! Hard!! :D I LOVE THIS! But wait, there's more!

KH is really working over my nipple like never before (I am SO lucky!) and then grabs my balls (which are stretched some because of the DC Duo ring/cuff length) and SQUEEZES! Hard!! And kneads! and scratches! and squeezes so hard that one of my balls gets forced up and out despite the cable tie! (Ouch!) Ok, my head (big one) is swimming, spinning, whatever, this is like nothing else! KH asked "Did you cum?" (I have no ejaculate due to a surgical procedure so she can only go by my moaning, groaning, heavy breathing, exclamations, etc.)


"Well I wasn't sure."

She did not show any remorse or guilt however - which is a positive change! Yay!

More passionate kissing of lips and her large, red, erect nipples while she's on top.

"You're dripping on my nice clean sheets!"

More passionate kissing of lips and her large, red, erect nipples while I'm on top. Yours truly is dripping. Alot. Now I'm dripping on her! And I'm heading south. Remember, I am still caged. God, I love this! And she loved my oral attentions! She climaxed multiple times and never acted concerned about me not cumming.

KH did say that she probably really should have been playing with "Jack" while I was gone because she's too tight for penetration without some incremental, manual dilatation first. Her almost exact words were "I should have been playing with the big black vibrator to stretch myself out a little." 8-)

I'd love to watch her do that again. She did that once before; KH actually tied me down (unusual for her) and then, lying next to me, masturbated with "Black Jack" saying "Don't you wish you could have some of this hot, wet, tight pussy? Well, you can't... :twisted: (climax approaching) I'm... going... to ... cum... without you! :!: OOOHHHHhhhhhhhh..."

Hopefully, she'll do a repeat performance of this. I can't wait!

After all this, we clean up in the bathroom and I ask for the key so I can refit my cage after corralling the elusive testicle. She leaves, closing the bathroom door behind her so I won't see from whence she is retrieving the key.

"Is this it?"

"Nope, it's the key to the little black cage." (broken HTv2)


Off she goes into the rest of the house and returns with the key. I wash up and refit the cage and ask my now very relaxed and satisfied KH/wife "Would you like to do the honors locking me back up?"

"Yes." She takes the key and lock from me, bends over slightly to fit the lock in the pin, pauses, looks up at me and ceremoniously sings a "fanfare" and when finished, she deliberately snaps the lock shut with some force! The click was palpable! I suspect some of you may have heard it, it was so loud! She stands up, looks me in the eye, smiles broadly and pats my caged cock "There!" :o

I know, it's getting boring, more naked cuddling and spooning and throbbing caged cock against her sweet buns, OMG, again this morning before starting the work week.

However, we did revert to our CFNM morning routine. Yesss! I get up, start the coffee, feed the critter, get KH's breakfast ready while she dresses for work. We sit together in the kitchen, she's dressed for work, I am wearing my cage and smile, we have coffee and breakfast and then I see her off at the front door. She likes it. (I do too!)

Mmm Mmm Good!
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Re: [jfenoffti] Mmm Mmm Mmm Good!

Postby jfenoffti » Tue Aug 15, 2017 8:48 am

Tuesday. No cuddling - KH's gotta get up and going early for work. Naked house boy prepares coffee and breakfast as usual. CFNM kiss goodbye at the front door. Life is good!
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